Entrepreneurship Ruined My Life
“If you’ve sacrificed everything to build your business but you’re no closer to achieving your dreams, this letter will show you why—and how to finally achieve them.”
This message is for coaches, course creators, and info marketers who are tired of being lied to by predatory coaches and gurus:

Do you ever wonder why entrepreneurship isn’t what you thought it would be when you first got started?

It was supposed to be exciting. It was supposed to change your life.

But not like this.

Now things are just… different.

Sometimes it's an empty feeling. Hopelessness. Wondering if you’ll ever make it. Questioning if you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

Other times, it’s the gnawing anxiety that you'll never be good enough.

The guilt that poisons your free time. Or the moments before you fall asleep. You’re exhausted. But your mind is racing with all the things you didn’t do… all the things you could have done.

I’ll confess, I’ve felt this way before…

I wanted to build a business and make money online… but all I ever did was spend it.

I wanted to learn how to create inspiring content… but all I did was consume it.

I wanted to gain confidence and status but...

years of failure and predatory coaching programs left me feeling hopeless.

Entrepreneurship ruined my life.

My desire for success hardened into a constant anxiety of never doing enough and never being good enough in the online business game. I could see the stress and aging in the lines on my face as I looked at myself in the mirror.

This is the point where most entrepreneurs give up. They slink back to their old job. Or they look for another opportunity.

But as I stared at my reflection, I came face to face with the problem that nobody wants to solve. And I decided that it was worth fighting for.

Because my story isn’t unique. It’s too common. And it’s intentional.

The online business game is rigged against you. It's set up by big name gurus to keep you buying new courses and coaching until you burn out and give up the dream.

Let me give you an example:

I own the box set of Marketing Secrets books written by Russell Brunson. And on the side of the box reads a quote from Garrett J. White:

“The life you want, the marriage you want, and the family you want are going to be fueled by the business you build.”

This is the Big
Entrepreneurial Lie

It sounds inspiring. But if you think about it for 5 seconds, it makes no sense. It’s backwards!

Your family, your marriage, your health… these are the things that fuel your ability to succeed. They give you the strength to unleash your full potential into your business.

And if you can do that… you can succeed.

So they lie.

They lie to keep you weak and reactive so you can never fully commit to your own success.

They lie so they can sell coaching and courses to people who are desperate to escape their dreadful job and start living a real life.

I couldn’t continue down this path. I couldn’t listen to the same lies that sounded good… but kept making me miserable.

So I set out to find the truth.

I wanted to learn what strategies actually work to build an online business. Not what is convenient to teach to keep you buying courses and coaching for the rest of your life.

I found the answers I was looking for.

And while I doubt most entrepreneurs are ready to hear them…

I share these answers in my new book called Entrepreneurship Ruined My Life.

In this book, I reveal the actual strategies used by successful entrepreneurs to build creative businesses (coaching, courses, info products, newsletters) without losing themselves in the process.

If you've ever felt like online business isn't what you thought it would be, this book will give you the tools to navigate from where you are to where you want to go. It contains 16 counterintuitive principles that form the foundation on which you can sustainably grow your business.

And whether you’re in the depths of despair or you feel like success is just out of your grasp… these principles will work for you.

Here’s a few of the things you’ll learn inside:

The two simplest 7-figure course and coaching business models. They are so simple that you can set them up in a weekend. (Page 75)

The easiest list to sell to, according to one of the greatest copywriters of all time. This secret has been used by old school marketers and businessmen to get a quick injection of cash, when everything was on the line... But it's been forgotten by most modern online businesses. Learn how to use it ethically on page 143.

The 6-step value ladder used by the most successful coaching and course businesses - and how you can fill it with only one product. (Page 85)

How Russell Brunson and Frank Kern broke the laws of physics to create successful companies. And how you can use the same trick to grow yours. (Page 106)

A copywriting legend passed down from generation to generation that reveals how an average guy outsold the world's greatest copywriter by 500x. I certainly can't guarantee this will happen to you, but starting on page 121 I will show you how to use this strategy to build a consistent and reliable income stream that will pay you month after month for decades. Just follow the 5-step process on page 127.

How to sell a great product if you're a mediocre copywriter or marketer, according to the pioneer of online marketing. This technique is adapted from a legendary direct response marketer's direct mail strategy that outperformed every other advertiser. It works just as well today, if not better. (Starting on Page 143)

The forgotten Dan Kennedy strategy that Tim Ferriss used to sell the 4-hour Work Week and instantly become a productivity guru. Plus how you can use the same strategy to gain influence in your niche. (Page 32)

Jordan Belfort's ("the wolf of wall street") secret scheme to steal all your hard earned money (again). (Page 37)

Advertising Legend David Ogilvy's secret weapon for writing ads that were unforgettable in the minds of his readers. Even if they wanted to forget. (Page 19)

The life changing lesson I learned reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad. While it seemed amazing at first, it slowly made my life miserable. (Page 14)

Is it actually about cocaine? The conspiracy theory behind the famous book, Snow Crash, by Neal Stephenson and how it's a bad influence on those who aspire for greatness. (Page 27)

The “anti-headline” trick used by the greatest living copywriter to win in a crowded market place.

This works especially well if you don’t have a lot of credibility or testimonials.  

We all know that the headline is the most important aspect of your sales copy, social media content, and emails. And its job is to grab your prospect and get them to read what you’ve written.

But if you’re just starting out, it’s hard to keep up with some of the more sensational claims that are made by the gurus and experts in your industry.

This “anti-headline” turns everything you know about headlines on its head so you can…

Create credibility and
authority out of thin air

Not only that, but it will intrigue your reader’s curiosity, practically forcing them to read your sales letter.

Of course, this trick works with all the content, emails, and everything you create. And if you use it wisely, you’ll quickly start to take market share away from your competitors who are all using the same, predictable headlines and content.

It works so well that I used it in the name of my book. Maybe you can figure out what it is. Either way, I reveal it on page 116.

But that’s not all you’ll learn…

My 4-step Tinder strategy that I optimized for matches per minute invested in the app. This isn't strictly business related, but if you feel like you spend too much time on Tinder or other dating apps without getting many dates, this could wildly change your perspective and potentially even land you in a happy marriage (if that's what you want), like it did for me. (Page 136)

A devious marketing secret that reveals the true intentions of our favorite gurus. You'll want to open straight to this page to learn this before you buy any new training or courses. (Page 69)

The crucial business lesson I learned watching Homelander have one of his "episodes." If you watch The Boys, you'll know what I mean. This lesson is behind the success of marketing titans like Dan Kennedy as well as music stars like Toby Keith. (Page 147)

The subtle, yet massive mistake made by the world's greatest pickup artist that almost ruined his life. And how thousands of entrepreneurs make this mistake every day. (Page 24)

The infamous story of "the third partner." Why Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger aren't in a hurry to get rich. And why you shouldn't be either. (Page 79)

A Nobel prize winning physicist dissects human nature to reveal our greatest weakness. Learn what it is and how to combat it on page 53.

The Oprah Effect - A simple (yet morally questionable) strategy used by bestselling authors to sell millions of books. This also works extremely well for courses and coaching if you have the stomach for it. (Page 34)

I'd never call a sex hotline. But I have listened to the Elon Musk and Joe Rogan equivalent. Find out why I did this (and how you can too, if that's your thing) on page 50.

Why The Greatest Showman is the best movie about online business ever created. Learn why it is required to study for all my students starting on Page 46.

Mozart’s "negative" approach to creation (of music and content) that made him successful. And how you can use it to get more attention on your content today. (Page 74)

The "R" word that plagues entrepreneurs everywhere, according to one of the greatest authors of all time. And how he broke through it to publish over 20 books (starting on Page 58)

Are you a Non-Player Character, existing only to serve a master? Use this 3-step process on page 55 to find out.

One doctor's dangerous advice that will land you in the hospital with a disease that he can't save you from. (Page 66)

The real reason Derek Sivers was able to scale his company without needing any venture capital funding and sell it for tens of millions of dollars (It wasn't because of a funnel or viral ad campaign). Learn his secret on page 49.

Tom Cruise's "Top Gun: Maverick" secret. Why he looks better now than he did 30 years ago. Learn how you can use this information to supercharge your business starting on page 108.

The siren song, sung by a heavenly voice, that causes entrepreneurs everywhere to crash on the proverbial rocks just like in the tales of Odysseus. The singer was recently revealed on Britain's Got Talent to multiple standing ovations and a Golden Buzzer. Learn what this means for your business on page 73.

If you’re not familiar with this tale, it’s the story of Homer’s Odyssey, one of the oldest and greatest stories of all time.

In Greek mythology, the creatures called Sirens had the most beautiful voices ever heard. They were spellbinding, drawing in sailors to crash their ships on this island in the Mediterranean Sea.

It’s kind of like the voice of your favorite marketing gurus. They draw in people who want to make money online, only to steal away everything from them.

Just like the Garrett White quote I mentioned earlier.

I crashed on the rocks many times before learning this lesson. But, like Odysseus, I developed a methodology for rendering the siren call “inaudible” so that I could stay on my path without getting distracted.

This simple skill is instrumental
in your ability to make real
progress in your business

…instead of waking up day after day, year after year, feeling like you’re still stuck at the same level, fighting to get the next customer.

But that’s not all you’ll learn…

How to finally catch up on your podcast queue and email inbox - and stay on top of them. (page 82)

The psychological discovery that makes the law of attraction useless. And a backwards approach pioneered by one successful marketer to actually attract what his heart truly desired. (Page 82)

Intervention bias: the two infuriating reasons why we choose to do work even when not working gets better results. (Starting on Page 76)

Why less is better than more in business (except in these 4 specific cases). According to the world's highest paid copywriter, getting these wrong can cause you to lose everything (Page 88)

The real definition of insanity. Why Albert Einstein got it wrong, and how Bill Gates knows it better than most. (Starting on page 101)

The two rules of crypto investing, according to Warren Buffett, that will keep you out of traps like FTX and Celsius. While not directly business related, a big part of success is keeping what you earn, so it applies directly to readers who want to get wealthy, not just "make money online." (Page 140)

The almost forgotten Steve Jobs prophecy from 1997 that is finally coming true for content creators. Learn how this impacts your business on page 118.

How to know if you're in the "online business Matrix." And what you need to do to get out. While the film is fiction, I’ve found (personally and with others) that this secret will allow you to learn anything faster and be more effective in your business. Especially when you combine it with one of the others lessons in this book. (Page 52)

The real definition of a "customer" according to the founding father of internet marketing that will change the way you approach your business forever. (Page 130)

Manhattan's most feared (and handsome) lawyer meets the sex scandal of the decade. The result is a crucial business lesson that 99% of entrepreneurs miss. Find out what it is and why it costs them dearly starting on Page 138).

How to sell products you're super passionate about that aren't directly related to your niche without becoming a spammy "affiliate marketing machine." (Page 156)

What to do if you're tired of all the nonsense about "toxic masculinity" and the pressures from society to be half-hearted and apathetic. Read this if you just want people to leave you alone and let you build something real. (Page 189)

Real entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs and investors like Peter Thiel don't listen to customer feedback. They intentionally ignore polls and audience “advice.” Instead they lead their audience to the vision they have of the future. Find out why starting on page 163.

The psychological factor discovered by a French philosopher that celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Tony Robbins used to build their empires.

Think of your favorite business resource. A podcast, book, or entrepreneur you follow.

You read this content to improve your business, but you can’t help but feel depressed, maybe even angry, watching everyone else succeed.

You put in the work… yet have little to show for it.

Not knowing this psychological principle is what causes this failure. It’s the only difference between entrepreneurs who get engagement and those who try so hard, but never do.

And it’s giving your competitors
an unfair advantage

Learn how you can use this principle to quickly become the object of your audience's affections on page 151. And as a bonus, your competition will start to envy the attention and success that you find.

You’ll also learn…

A 2,500 year old secret used by war leaders to not only survive in battles they should have lost, but easily win. Every day you face battles in your business and this skill will help you to thrive in the cutthroat social media environment. (page 183)

Why successful people like Ray Dalio and Daniel Kahneman insist on breaking things in order to make them stronger. (Page 203)

Is Warren Buffet a bad investor? This one factor makes up for all of his mistakes and missed opportunities. Learn how you can use this strategy today to grow your business and your wealth starting on page 104.

Contrary to popular marketing advice, the headline isn't the most important piece of copy you write. This is the secret behind the success of the modern marketing legends like Ben Settle and Russell Brunson. Learn to optimize this crucial factor on page 145.

The one habit that Jerry Seinfeld attributes to his success as a comedian that you can start doing today in as little as 10 minutes. (page 96)

3 examples of how regular dudes built media empires that will teach you how to grow your audience. Learn how starting on page 154.

Russell Brunson's real "Expert Secret" and how he used it to become one of the biggest marketers of our generation. (page 175)

The 3-point daily checklist that practically guarantees my business will grow over time. While I can make no such promise about yours, you can use this checklist to ensure that you're doing the most important things every day. Find out what they are on page 95.

The simplest funnel ever invented and how it still makes $50 million per year in revenue (Page 75)…The one thing you must know if you're ever giving birth or optimizing your funnel (Page 78-79)…The only 4 books you need to become an expert marketer. (Page 43)…A politically incorrect business philosophy that nobody wants to admit is right. (Page 165)…The "gold standard" business plan for solopreneurs (Page 76)

And a whole lot more.

This book will take you on an action-packed journey from the streets of Oz to the sands of ancient Greece to the backroom conversations had by gurus, revealing 16 hard truths about what it takes to succeed in online business.

Ruined My Life

isn't a bestselling book.

It's not something you would come across in an airport. And it's not like any of these free plus shipping book offers either.

The problem with airport bestsellers is that they are so vague. They are designed to appeal to the widest audience and thus provide no real teaching, no real value. F+S offers are all sizzle and no substance. Typically overhyped and under-delivered.

I intentionally wrote Entrepreneurship Ruined My Life differently. And readers agree. Here's what executive coach Mike Howerton had to say about it:

“Entrepreneurship Ruined My Life is worth its weight in gold. In a world full of ghostwritten fluff and regurgitated tactics, Andrew’s book is real, raw and true. Filled with timeless, relevant principles it’s an entertaining work containing fresh stories and lessons that will forever change the way you think about winning in business. ERML is going on my “MUST READ” list! I loved Andrew’s empowering insights; you will too.”

But here's what you need to know about it before you commit to buying it.

Entrepreneurship Ruined My Life costs $10 and it is a digital release. Upon completing your purchase you will be granted immediate access to the book, which can be read on your computer, phone, Kindle, or any device with a PDF reader. Or, you can go grab a paperback copy on Amazon if you prefer that. The paperback retails for $20. But with all the paper shortages, shipping delays, and utter chaos going on these days with physical products, I can't guarantee that the paperback will always be available. However, I can guarantee that the eBook printing presses won't run out of ink (a promise not every author can make). Hence the instant delivery of the digital release. You get the book in your hands immediately, guaranteed.  

The digital release also includes a bonus chapter called "How to Create REAL Content." In this bonus chapter I teach my R.E.A.L. Content framework. So not only will you get the business strategy taught in Entrepreneurship Ruined My Life, but you'll get the content strategy to start attracting more customers. This is the best place to start implementing what you learn in ERML.

There are no refunds. Once I send it to you, it's all yours. And I don’t want to encourage people to buy and immediately refund to “game the system.” Hence the no refund policy. If you're not able to make a $10 investment in your business, then you’re not ready for this book.

The book (and the Audiobook that I narrated myself) are fulfilled via the Andrew Ryder mobile app. Access to the mobile app also comes stocked with hours of content creation training, podcast interviews, and other content I’ve created for you. The app is available on both iOS and android mobile devices and desktop computer. That being said, you will also get access to the PDF format that you can load into Apple Books or your eReader of choice.

Finally, you should know that this isn't a how-to book. It's not filled with a bunch of tips and tricks. It won't overwhelm you with options, lists, and priorities. We've all read enough of these kinds of books.

I think of it more like a "why-to" book. This book will show you why your current approach isn't working for you. And then it will show you how to fix it.

If you’re tired of being lied to by gurus, this book will show you the truth about building a successful online business. Click the button below to enter your information and get instant access to the digital release of Entrepreneurship Ruined My Life.

  • What is the book about?
    Entrepreneurship Ruined My Life is a "why-to" book for entrepreneurs who are tired of struggling with the same advice passed down from guru to guru. It demonstrates a different approach that has been taken by numerous successful entrepreneurs (and many of the top business gurus) to build a business without losing themselves in the process.
  • Who is Andrew Ryder and why should I read a book about him and his problems?
    This book isn't about me. It's about entrepreneurship. It's about the journey that we embark on as business owners and the games that we play. My qualifications in writing this book are based on the years I spent and tens of thousands of dollars I invested in programs, painfully learning the wrong way to do things.

    And yes, I'll admit, the title does seem a bit curious. Maybe even a little click-baity. But answer me this: When you look back on yourself 5 years ago, 10 years ago, did you foresee the stress you would be under? Did you foresee that you would become so anxious, jealous, or competitive? I sure didn't.

    Entrepreneurship ruined my life because I failed to grasp the simple principles that I teach in this book. If you’re struggling, anxious, or just burnt out, this book will help you too.
  • How big is the book? How long does it take to read?
    It is 220 pages cover to cover. It is a quick and easy read that can be completed in a week's time. I know because I proofread it 5 times. You can read it at a high level, gleaning the obvious insights. But you can also read it at a deeper level, pondering the connections between stories and discovering the easter eggs that I’ve left for you.
  • Is there an audiobook?
    There is an audiobook. I narrated it myself and filled it with the emotions and passion that I have for these subjects. It’s a completely different experience from reading the digital release. But the audiobook t is not available on Audible or any other platform. You may add it to your order on the checkout page for an additional $10.
  • How long does it take to see results with this system?
    Entrepreneurship Ruined My Life is about the long game. It's not about quick fixes, overnight successes, or tactics to boost response. It's a strategy guide. Some of these ideas can be deployed quickly. Others will take months, even years of hard work to master. This book will continue to serve you as you grow.
  • What if this strategy doesn't work for me?
    This is the question, isn't it… On good days, it hides beneath the surface. You pump yourself up and focus on doing quality work. But on the bad days it hits hard. What if I can't make it work? What if the problem is with me? What if I don't have what it takes to succeed in business after all? Entrepreneurship Ruined My Life will help you answer these questions.

    But only you can make this decision. I believe that we all have something unique to share and I also believe that the strategies described in this book can work for anyone. They are quite simple, really. All you have to do is stay consistent and follow the process. If you can't stay consistent then they probably won't work for you.

If you’re ready to grow your business without losing yourself in the process…

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